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Now in its 99th year the Lessiter’s chocolatiers have been hand making, original chocolate since 1911. Mr Lessiter had originally grown the business from a cluster of chocolate shops in pre-war London and expanded to satisfy a never ending demand for fine couverture.

At the heart of the business today are brothers, Peter and Hans Luder, both are Swiss born and highly trained chocolatiers. They’ve devoted almost half a century to refining and perfecting their chocolate skills which they are now passing on to a second generation.

Behind the scenes of this family run business are scores of loyal and highly skilled staff, some of whom have been making Lessiter’s chocolate for over thirty years.

The Roots & Wings chocolate range harnesses all of the hand crafting skills honed over generations combined with organic cocoa grown in the Dominican Republic to create beautiful and delicious chocolates which are pure indulgence.

Lessiter's Chocolatiers